Naomi Campbell Naked Pic

No black celebrity collection would be complete without footage of Naomi Campbell herself. She was the one alongside Tyra Banks who made the way to the catwalk for black girls and all the other lucrative endeavors that come to models after they appear on it. And while there are many new black models appeared in media that are more curvaceous and sexually attractive than Naomi recently, she remains the representation of ideal black model whom we all remember seeing for the first time and fantasizing about. You could only find her naked footage in Naomi’s earlier photos before but not anymore as she has done another series of naked pics…

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Naomi Campbell No Clothes

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Lisa Raye Naked Pic

Afro-American celebrity milf Lisa Raye McCoy is most famous for playing the role of Diana ‘Diamond’ Armstrong in the film The Players Club. She started her career as a model and appeared in multiple music videos alongside popular music-artists like other black celebrities before launching her own reality show which she co-hosts with her daughter who is 20 years old. Being a former model as she is Lisa is not a stranger to photo studios where she agrees to come for photo shoots even if they are naked ones. Surely, a professional model should have no limits. In the latest shoot her body is covered in nothing but honey which blisters on her sexy body parts…

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Lisa Raye Naked

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Serena Williams Naked Pic

Tennis player Serena Williams is a woman any man who can appreciate a nicely curved female body has fantasized at least once about. So don’t feel guilty if her court skills is not what you get fascinated by when she appears on tournament because you are not alone in this. Recently she realized that she had been hiding her voluptuous forms, big tits and huge round ass, from horny male population of the world for too long when she decided to pose for a series of magazine’s photos absolutely naked. We have seen her tits when they slip out of her tight bathing suit before and this time it’s her ass that gets exposed…

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Serena Williams Naked

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Sheneka Adams Naked Pic

African American girl Sheneka Adams haven’t done anything to be famous for yet, but does she really need to? In today’s world where many celebrities has already proved that looks is enough to get noticed talent and achievements seem to be additions to the personality not the main attractions of it. Sheneka is another example of this trend. The girl becomes popular just because of her looks alone albeit a good one. She’s got a pretty face and more importantly a curved body with big ass and a set of juicy natural tits to match it. Is she hot? Yes, and that’s what works…

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Sheneka Adams Naked

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Melyssa Ford Naked Pic

Unlike most black celebrities Canadian model and actress Melyssa Ford has one white parent - her mom who is half Russian and half Norwegian. This makes Melyssa’s look everything but usual. And as it often goes with celebrities this is the reason she gets noticed by music video director who helps her launch her career. She was featured in any media from men’s magazines to television programs and even films. Good thing is this black girl is confident enough about her body to show it all in front of the camera which means that she now appeared on a porn site too…

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Melyssa Ford Naked

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Nicole Narain Naked Pic

American model born to Guyanese parents Nicole Narain stunned the world with her exotic look after her appearance as a playmate of the month in Playboy’s 2002 issue. She has got noticed and invited to participate in music videos of several hip-hop artists as well as compete in special edition of Fear Factor. Even though she was eliminated in the first stunt of the show it didn’t stop her from attempting other celebrity stunts such as making sex tape. She is the girl whom you see in Colin Farell sex video that resulted in huge scandal between the two…

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Nicole Narain Naked

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Black Celebs Naked

More and more black people dominate in various kinds of Olympic sports today and that’s not a coincidence. The evolution has made them more adaptable to physical exercises than the rest of the world. This means that their bodies are strong and beautifully shaped. It is the exact reason why so many black celebrities gain popularity not only among men of their own race but others too. And with changing tastes toward curvaceous bodies black celebs with sweet brown titties and juicy round asses fit the demand perfectly. This site presents collection of popular ebony babes, singers, models and actresses, who appear naked on camera…

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Melanie Brown Naked Pic

Black singer Melanie Brown, also known as Mel B from the band ‘Spice Girls’, who is almost forgotten now spice up interest to her persona by dirty behavior and naked photo shoots. A trick proved successful by other black celebs and wholeheartedly approved by their fans. So, after showing off her large cleavage at several occasions and even having her boobs played with by an unknown man, Mel B goes on exposing herself for the world to see. Obviously, the flies were photoshopped on the original photo which has Melanie absolutely naked with both her big breast and little snatch turned to the camera…

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Melanie Brown Naked Pic

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Rihanna Fenty Naked Pic

This is the pic from Rihanna Fenty controversial self-made footage which contained two parts. In the first part Rihanna catches the glimps of her naked body in the mirror reflection and grabs her juicy ass on cam. That series which can be seen at Naked Celebs site leaves no doubt about being genuine footage of naked Rihanna as her face is clearly seen. However, this part, which is much more revealing than the first one and provides good view of a hot black body, raises some concerns. Here the girl’s face is hidden behind the flash, but the curves resemble those of Rihanna’s with a great certainty…

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Rihanna Fenty Naked Pic

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Lil Kim Naked Pic

Happy little thing Lil’ Kim, whose full name is Kimberly Denise Jones, goes to show you how black girls vary in their complexion. You have just seen Denise Lewis who is tall and slim. In contrast, Lil’ Kim is short and has big breasts. She started out as a member of junior hip hop group in Brooklyn and went on to become a solo rapper in the course of her career. She can also be seen acting in several movies, including a few of them in which she played herself such as Zoolander. Surely, we’re more interested in her naked footage and there’s plenty of it…

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Lil Kim Naked Pic

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