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Melanie Brown Naked Pic

Black singer Melanie Brown, also known as Mel B from the band ‘Spice Girls’, who is almost forgotten now spice up interest to her persona by dirty behavior and naked photo shoots. A trick proved successful by other black celebs and wholeheartedly approved by their fans. So, after showing off her large cleavage at [...]

Rihanna Fenty Naked Pic

This is the pic from Rihanna Fenty controversial self-made footage which contained two parts. In the first part Rihanna catches the glimps of her naked body in the mirror reflection and grabs her juicy ass on cam. That series which can be seen at Naked Celebs site leaves no doubt about being genuine footage [...]

Lil Kim Naked Pic

Happy little thing Lil’ Kim, whose full name is Kimberly Denise Jones, goes to show you how black girls vary in their complexion. You have just seen Denise Lewis who is tall and slim. In contrast, Lil’ Kim is short and has big breasts. She started out as a member of junior hip hop group [...]

Denise Lewis Naked Pic

Olympic Gold medalist Denise Lewis has a body that only athletes get. Her slim figure is covered with lean muscles which she worked on for years. She is a British national who took her country to the win at 2000 heptathlone competition held in Sydney. Looking at her naked picture, in which she has nothing [...]

Evelyn Lozada Naked Pic

A part of the cast on VH1 Channel’s reality show ‘Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada who was once engaged to basket-ball player Antoine Walker has been titled a naughty girl at a number of occasions now. This happened for reasons. Firstly, she keeps telling that she is Puerto Rican while in reality she was born in [...]

Lisa Bonet Naked Pic

Professionally known as Lisa Bonet Lilakoi Moon is an American actress who was born to African-American father and Jewish mother. She has become popular after her role in the long-running NBC television series The Cosby Show, which started originally as A Different World. Her acting roles include appearance in sex scene with Mickey Rourke in [...]

Chanel Iman Naked Pic

There is even more black models who followed Tyra Banks steps to the podium, later appeared on pages of numerous fashion magazines and then got undressed in front of the camera. This time it is Chanel Iman, a black girl born to African-American father and half Korean / half African-American mother. If appearances in multiple [...]

Angela Griffin Naked Pic

English television actress and presenter Angela Griffin is best-known for her role as Fiona Middleton in Coronation Street series which was running in the mid-90s. She joined a number of BBS drama series after that before deciding to pursue the dream of having her own show which she eventually started with Sky1 Channel. It is [...]

Traci Bingham Naked Pic

Actress, model and reality show contestant Traci Bingham is best-known for her role in Baywatch series which aired back in the 90s. She played next to Pamela Anderson whom she also joined for nude Playboy Magazine photo shoot. That series is called “Babes of Baywatch”. Below is the picture from this series that features Traci [...]

Thandie Newton Naked Pic

English actress Thandie Newton is a daughter to Zimbabwean mother Nyasha and father Nick. Some sources mistakenly mention Zambia as her birth places which is untrue. Being one of black English Thandie has the exotic look coupled with sexy accent that makes her adorable to watch during talk shows. Even though she mostly plays [...]